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I was Born on the Thirtieth of January in the year of our Lord Nineteen Hundred and Forty Four. (Aquarian ) I am technically coming up for retirement or NOT ?

I served nine years in the Royal Air Force when computers where pneumatic and semiconductors were yet to be introduced. I was fortunate to travel right round the world at an early age, and experience many forms of lifestyle.

Starting in the Audio Visual world with the Edinburgh Festival in 1970 and ending possibly with Merlin`s Magical Quest in 2006. I have seen many formats come and go over these years. In the 1980`s theatrical and television work led me to form a Costume Hire Company with my wife. My curiosity and love of research was let loose, with Helen`s ability to create. In addition we moved to a place where the past was very much alive. Genuine locations have a magic of there own.

The world of television has changed considerably over the past 20 years. We are now able to offer a broadcast standard product at domestic prices.Obsolete technology is the age we live in and yet we owe it to our siblings to preserve the past.

My fascination with genealogy started about 1960 with some old family silverware. Tales from maiden aunts and my maternal grandmother of unspoken episodes in their past lives- fuelled my imagination. What were the incidents that required resorting to lawyers?

On my paternal side I have traced it back to the seventeenth century. When John Scarbrough Snr. a Blacksmith -  purchased 250 acres of land from William Penn in Bucks Co. PA for the sum of 5 shillings on 3rd July 1682.  ( Provenance right)

We now live in a digital age, whilst we cannot foresee the future, it is unlikely not to encompass it. Today we can bring to life images of 1860, - add a sound track, - make a comment ( in various languages) - add a subtitle, and send it round the world in seconds .

From hand held screen to high definition screen we are only limited by our own creativity. I am offering you a service, to take your treasured records and produce a product you can be proud of for the future. How we or our working partners handle your project is purely up to you in the first place.

I would also like to start a new data base constructed from everyone’s research. Amateur or Professional we all come across salient facts that bear no relevance to our searches, but could be manna to us all. It would be a lexicon of trivia. Nothing would be held in the data base other than subject matter and e-mail contact.
Open for anyone to peruse, a free market place. Many eyes make light work.

Trust and respect must pass both ways.        George Pringle Scarbrough
“ Welcome” was amongst the First Ships to arrive in Pennsylvania with William Penn in 1682

Date of Arrival: October 27, 1682  
Master: Robert Greenway

William PennSpecial Note:  There is said to be between 100 and 360 passengers on board the Welcome.  We will never know.  Official logs are stated to only list 47.  Other names have been added by various sources, but I am listing the official log.  There are numerous variations of the passenger list for this ship.  William Penn was believed to be aboard and more of Friends were on this ship than any other.  Legend says most of the Welcome passengers came from Sussex; on the provable list, there are about 25.

Some people on board (including William Penn) are unlisted in the port book because they did not bring goods for barter or sale.  Without goods, passengers were unlisted.  William Penn, John “Scarbrough” and his fifteen year old son John “Scarborough” were three that were unlisted in the ship logs.  This is because they had no plans of permanently staying on this voyage.  Scarbrough was going to Bucks Co., to build a homestead and return.   William Penn was going to oversee the surveying, and establish the colony.  William Penn’s and Scarbrough’s possessions remained in England.   John Snr. returned to England with William Penn in 1684.   William Penn and John Snr. intentions were to return to Bucks Co.   William Penn was delayed until 1699, because of political issues and ill health.  John Snr. never did.   John  (son of : 17 in 1684), remained in Bucks Co.

Bucks County deeds; Volume 2, p. 10 Indenture: 3 July 1682. William Penn of Warminhurst Co. of Sussex to John Scarbrough of London, blacksmith, for 5 shillings, 250 acres.  This deed was executed in England.   This is the land near Langhorne PA.   It wasn't recorded in PA until 1690.

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